Truth In Rotation

Here’s To A Better Tomorrow

America sucks. Cops Suck. Waking up to at least one hashtag a day is... So many words. All of the words. We're exhausted. There doesn't seem to be enough self care to renew peace of mind after a day of... Continue Reading →

“I Forgot About This One!” vol.1

I find myself traveling down sonically influenced rabbit holes on a daily basis. One song leads to another, leads to hours passed by, countless exclamations of "I forgot about this song!", and little to no productivityI usually forget about most... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday, Nas!

One of hip hop's most talented rappers was born today. I haven't been a Nas fan since the beginning because I was too young and my parents regulated what touched my ears. But once I grew up a little bit... Continue Reading →

Dear Gallant, I Need To See You!   Dear Gallant, First, let me just tell you that listening to you is an experience. You have a gift. I'm not saying that in the way that teachers tell troubled teens in order to get them to apply themselves.... Continue Reading →

Retrospect In Rotation: A Love Story

  The lead single, "Emotional Rollercoaster", was the perfect preview for Vivian Green's debut, A Love Story. Each song paints a picture of women and love. The ups, downs, highs and lows of love. The album opens with "Wishful Thinking"... Continue Reading →

Revisit: Outer Limits

  India Shawn's music is easily on our favorite's list, but there's one project that stands out from the rest. James Fauntleroy and India Shawn are not new to collaboration, but when they joined forces for an 8 track EP... Continue Reading →

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