Because it’s just too far away!

Let me start by saying that I knew nothing about this album or Richard Russell before yesterday. If I hadn’t decided to slide into the abyss that is Insta-Stories, I’d probably live the rest of my life not knowing that either existed. But thank God for friends who post what they’re listening to! I can’t stop playing this album!! It also helps that I was previously addicted to the Black Panther soundtrack. I can’t think of a more sonically appropriate album to take it’s place. The feelings the music gave me that made me stick with Black Panther for weeks weren’t disrupted, but merely redirected when I pressed play. I think that I might put them on a playlist together and just let it ride.


Everything Is Recorded cover

Admittedly, after falling head over heels for this music, I did a quick Google search and Pitchfork educated me on Richard Russell. They also let me know that Infinite, a prominent voice on this project, is Ghostface Killah’s son. Infinite is a star. His voice. That’s all I need to say. It’s piercing and strong and something that you won’t know that you wanted to hear.

Shoutouts are also due to Sampha who laced multiple tracks with his lucious vocals. He sounds like when you’re exhausted and your head finally hits the cool comfort of a fluffy pillow. Ibeyi and Kamasi Washington are equally as outstanding. Seriously, just listen to the project. You can play the album below, via Spotify, or use this link if you prefer iTunes. I hope you enjoy it as much as I am.