Last Friday I was lucky enough to attend the second All The Cool Kids showcase curated by Nashville The Beautiful. For starters, Nashville The Beautiful is a really dope Instagram and Snapchat dedicated to highlighting everything cool about the city. Along with showing us gems in every arena – parks, restaurants and bars, music, art, etc. – they’ve ventured into providing their own unique events for Nashvillians to enjoy.

All The Cool Kids was held at 12th & Porter – recently reopened under new ownership. Unfortunately I wasn’t in town for the first installment. After the lineup was revealed, I knew that missing this show wasn’t an option. Two favorites and three new faces!



So. Because I was near starvation, I missed the beginning of the show to get a bit across the street. (Sorry, Michael and Meg!) I did arrive just in time to see Brian Brown grace the stage. A rapper raised in East Nashville and currently creating in Atlanta; it was great to see Brian in front of a hometown crowd performing new material. He gave us an energetic show, as expected. My favorite things:

– Brown was backed by a band for the first time. And it was great.

– Given the circumstances surrounding January 20, Brian decided to give the crowd a few words of encouragement. This motivated a particularly inebriated woman to nominate Brown for President. Sadly, he declined the offer because, “it’s too stressful and my hairline is too good.”




Next up was Josie Dunne. A really cute folky singer with a rasp in her voice and an acoustic guitar. She wasn’t what I expected when she walked on stage and I was more than pleasantly surprised. My favorite thing:

– Josie’s fun cover of “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” and how much the crowd loved singing along.




Last was Rio, the birthday boy. Our host and the man of the hour. Nashville hadn’t been privileged with a full set from Rio in years. Ages. A couple of forevers. It was SO worth the wait. Rio sang up, down and around that stage. His band more than backed him up. There’s an audible difference between when a band plays together and when they enjoy playing together. These guys LOVED playing together. They loved playing for Rio. And I loved being front and center to take it all in. My favorite things:

– Watching the guitar and bass play off of each other. When band mates have fun, the performances are elevated to a new level.

– “Champagne Headaches”. You had to be there.


If you live in Nashville or the surrounding area, I wouldn’t advise missing the next ATCK showcase. You really shouldn’t miss any event with the Nashville The Beautiful stamp. I look forward to supporting on behalf of NakedMusik in the future.