Confession: If I don’t like the music, I can’t talk about it. If I don’t feel the music, I can’t like the music. Ok, so that wasn’t really a confession, sue me.

This week has been overrun with songs I either didn’t like/feel, or songs that were thrust down everyone’s throat.  I’m not in the business to share music that everyone’s heard 7,000 times in a 3 day span. What’s the point?

But as I drove home after a very interesting and enlightening evening, Spotify spoke to me. The songs on this week’s list are currently on a playlist of mine but it tonight, I listened with new ears. The songs spoke to vulnerable areas. They were therapy in my time of need. This Friday night/Saturday morning experience accurately depicts why I love music and wanted to share my love with others.


1. “Plastic” by Moses Sumney. This is vulnerability surmised in an elegant masterpiece. Don’t listen at the wrong time, because you are almost guaranteed to shed a thug tear.



2. “Something In The Way”  by Jorja Smith. A reluctant goodbye. Ugh. UGH. Logic battling emotions. Gorgeous.



3. “Just Want To See You” by Shakka. This joint is beautiful desperation. It’s like a ling distance relationship where the man is fed up. Or they’re in the same space but he’s all in and she’s not, so it’s a dramatic ultimatum. Either way, good Lord it’s chilling and gorgeous. I want Shakka to win. I sing with and for him. Girl!! He just wants to see you!!



4. “Temporarily Painless” by John Legend. Just know that I identify with each and every lyric. I don’t want to. I do.


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