We’re back with vol.2 of Fresh Sounds Friday!! This week’s batch of fresh sounds don’t follow any certain theme, other than none of them are technically new. These are simply songs that have clung to my ears and refuse to let go. Apparently I’ve been heavy on the hometown tunes this week, with two artists from the Ville making the list.

1. “Limelight”, the latest single from Harlem DJ, Austin Millz (Ft. Anishka), has been a groove since it dropped in July. This week, the song was given new life with a gorgeous video.  It’s now back at the top of my “go-go dance around the room” list.

2. I was originally introduced to Saba by his feature on Chance The Rapper’s “Angels”. (He’s the guy on the hook.) I remember seeing him perform on some late night show and thinking, “wonder what his music sounds like.”  It sounds like Chicago. Saba’s unique sound on ‘Bucket List’ has the spirit of the city woven through the lyrics.

3. If you haven’t listened to Mike Floss, get familiar. TRUST ME. He’s been heavy in the local scene for years and is steadily gaining a following in cities across the country. “Holy Ghost” had me at the beat change. Sheesh!

4. Classic Levine is another local artist who’ve I’ve been jamming to for quite a while. “DGSWAB” is the kind of song that triggers a body roll as soon as it starts, and a clear favorite.

5. Tinashe recently gifted us with ‘Nightride’ – and incredible project. It’s reminiscent of the Tinashe that captivated me with the “Black Water” mixtape. There so many standouts, and my favorite song changes almost daily. This week the clear winner has been ‘Ghetto Boy’.

I’d love to know what you all think! Also, if you’d like to submit music for the series, hit up the contact page, or email us at wearnakedmusik@gmail.com.