Because snazzy catch phrases for Friday posts are irresistible.

Every week I want to highlight some new tunes. Of course they may not new to all, but they’ll always be new to me. Songs that I’ve become temporarily obsessed with after one listen. This happens every other day and it would be rude of me not to share! Why Friday? Not because that’s when new music is released, I just couldn’t think of a title for any other day of the week.


This week is all about women.

1. Ari Lennox‘s ‘Pho’ EP was released a few weeks ago, but wasn’t on my radar until it was mentioned on one of my favorite podcasts. The 7 song project is pretty much perfect. My favorite, by far, is “La La La La” – a beautiful love song.


2. I literally know nothing about H.E.R., other than she was a suggestion by Spotify. I can’t get enough of “U”, a standout from her project ‘H.E.R. Vol 1


3. Banks‘ sophomore album, “The Alter”, even better than her debut. (Something that I didn’t think was possible.) It was impossible to choose one jam when the entire project has been on repeat.


4. NAO‘s album dropped forever ago. Although it’s been placed on the back burner for artists who’ve been introduced more recently, there’s still one song that I keep revisiting. “Bad Blood” is beautiful and tragic, emotional and haunting. A simple YouTube search produced a flawless live performance that I can’t get enough of.


That’s it was this Friday’s Fresh Finds. Tell me what you all think! Are any of my jams repeat worthy? Until next week!