I find myself traveling down sonically influenced rabbit holes on a daily basis. One song leads to another, leads to hours passed by, countless exclamations of “I forgot about this song!”, and little to no productivityI usually forget about most of the dopeness that I’ve heard because I’m too busy listening to new dopeness. What better way to keep a log of the highlights than to share them on my small corner of the blogosphere. So here’s my first installment.


‘Chemical Reaction’ x Chaz Shephard – I remember hearing this song on the Steve Harvey Morning Show every day for months. Steve is known for finding jam and playing it tirelessly. Usually I’m annoyed by this, but ‘Chemical Reaction’ was just a jam that I looked forward to the inevitable on my way to work.


‘Like A Star’ x Corinne Bailey Rae – Freshman year. Howard University. Tubman Quadrangle. Baldwin Hall. Second Floor. MTV, U was my favorite television station because it actually played videos. It was like The Box for college student, minus running up our parents’ phone  bill voting for videos. ‘Like A Star’ was my introduction to the melodic tones of Corinne Bailey Rae. It made me daydream about love.


‘Juice’ x Chance The Rapper – My love (Read: Standom) for Chance is inexplainable. But,  believe it or not, there was a time when I wasn’t sold on my boo. Full disclosure, I was completely uninterested. So uninterested that I refused to listen to him. That is until I road tripped to the country hills of Georgia for Counterpoint Festival. My festival buddy refused to allow me to remain in the dark and promptly turned on her playlist. I was a fan in no time. Juice was easily one of my favorites, and still is. Cannot wait to see my fave live in DC next month!