Dear Gallant,

First, let me just tell you that listening to you is an experience. You have a gift. I’m not saying that in the way that teachers tell troubled teens in order to get them to apply themselves. Because, duh, you don’t need convincing. Every song, every note. Everything is an experience. Your voice invokes emotions in listeners when we least expect it. And that’s without even paying attention to the lyrics! You sing about real things. Your songs are raw and overwhelmingly honest. I’m saying all of this to say… I NEED TO SEE YOU!!!


I live in Music City. Yes, Nashville, that Music City. Country Music, USA.  There are people here who are fighting really hard to bring more to the city – more meaning the good stuff. Until then,  that I have to travel to see people like you, because your tours don’t stop here. I’ve been relying on youtube and living through friends’ snaps and instagram videos of your live shows for months now. I’ve tried countless times to plan a trip to see you to no avail, and I’m not about to give up. But then I thought about all of the people in Nashville who need to feel you too. So please, PRETTY PLEASE, come to Nashville. Grace Music City with your presence. Your band. Your unique delivery. We need to feel you. I can’t pay you in money, but I can cook you a good meal. I can show you around the city. I can give you hugs. Just come to Nashville. We need you!!