viv green


The lead single, “Emotional Rollercoaster”, was the perfect preview for Vivian Green’s debut, A Love Story. Each song paints a picture of women and love. The ups, downs, highs and lows of love. The album opens with “Wishful Thinking” – a daydream checklist of everything that would make a perfect life.

Fast forward a few tracks and we’re slapped with the confusion of a new relationship on “What Is Love?”. “Or am I just feeling some kind of way?”, Vivian croons about identifying love vs infatuation on the chorus. We continue on in her journey and are engulfed in her breakup by “Final Hour” and “No Sittin By The Phone”. The latter reminiscent of a scarred woman releasing her emotions at a hole in the wall jazz club during the Harlem Renaissance.

But this story doesn’t end at a low. Ms. Green take us back to the mountaintop of love with  tracks like “Ain’t Nothing But Love” and “Be Good To You”. Heartwarming lyrics of devotion close the last chapter of the audible masterpiece, and she waves a final goodbye with “Keep On Going”.

Please do us a favor and take another ride on Vivian’s emotional roller coaster.