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Fresh Sounds Friday vol.5

  This week's list is the result of Spotify Radio. I chose a random artist and let the music take me on a trip. I ended up being reacquainted with Jazz, but the music that our parents and grandparents listened... Continue Reading →

Fresh Sounds Friday vol.4

  I have a confession to make. In all of my history of looking for fresh music, I've never particularly cared if it was "new" or not. That's the beauty of making these Fresh Sounds lists. A song can be... Continue Reading →

Fresh Sounds (couldn’t wait ’til Friday)

Because it's just too far away! Let me start by saying that I knew nothing about this album or Richard Russell before yesterday. If I hadn't decided to slide into the abyss that is Insta-Stories, I'd probably live the rest... Continue Reading →

Let’s Get Naked: The Weirdo Workshop

It's been a long time. I shouldn't have left you. I know. But I'm back and I'm better. I hope. And I have to share an amazing show that I was able to attend last month! The songwriting and production... Continue Reading →

Let’s Get Naked: All The Cool Kids

Last Friday I was lucky enough to attend the second All The Cool Kids showcase curated by Nashville The Beautiful. For starters, Nashville The Beautiful is a really dope Instagram and Snapchat dedicated to highlighting everything cool about the city.... Continue Reading →

Fresh Sounds Friday vol.3 (Saturday Edition)

Confession: If I don't like the music, I can't talk about it. If I don't feel the music, I can't like the music. Ok, so that wasn't really a confession, sue me. This week has been overrun with songs I... Continue Reading →

Fresh Sounds Friday vol.2

We're back with vol.2 of Fresh Sounds Friday!! This week's batch of fresh sounds don't follow any certain theme, other than none of them are technically new. These are simply songs that have clung to my ears and refuse to... Continue Reading →

Fresh Sounds Friday vol.1

Because snazzy catch phrases for Friday posts are irresistible. Every week I want to highlight some new tunes. Of course they may not new to all, but they'll always be new to me. Songs that I've become temporarily obsessed with... Continue Reading →

True Life: I Miss Pac Div

  Where's Pac Div? Why do the most magnetic groups drop amazing projects then fallĀ into obscurity? I'll never understand it. But I will publicly thank Pacific Division for gifting me with numerous jams before leaving me. Please do yourself a... Continue Reading →

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